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We aim to make the process of overseas property investment a little easier by providing a great deal of the information that you will need in one place, in a simple and easy to understand format. Each country has been thoroughly researched is split into 5 sections as follows:

Intro - an overview of the country.
Investment - market conditions and types of property.
Hotspots - areas of particular interest for investors.
Buying - details of the purchase procudure and costs.
Stats - statistical information and indicators.


How to cut the cost of your Buy to Let insurance

Insurance can be an expensive business. Find out how to reduce your insurance costs and get the right Buy to Let cover here

UK property law changes - The Home Information Pack (HIP) and what you need to know about it.

The residential property market in the UK is to undergo the biggest fundamental changes for many years with the introduction in July 2007 of the seller's Home Information Pack or HIP for short. The current system whereby the buyer is responsible for surveys, searches and associated costs is to be replaced by a system whereby all of this information is assembled by the seller prior to the property coming to market. Used successfully in several other countries and trialled in the UK recently, it is anticipated that the Home Information Pack will reduce the time taken to conclude the sale of residential property and also reduce the number of sales that do not complete as a result of survey or search problems arising after a sale has already been agreed under the current system.

For full details of the Home Information Pack please click here - alternatively you can find this information in the UK section along with details of the current system for buying and selling homes and other useful property information.

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