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Austria has borders with no less than 8 other European nations and is an established member of the European Union. The country has a well deserved reputation for being a winter sports enthusiasts dream and there are a number of world class resorts that cater to this pastime.

The primary language in Austria is German although there is a large uptake of Italian spoken in some areas of the country. The transport infrastructure in the country is excellent with well maintained roads and high numbers of cycle paths - the most famous of which is the route that continues along the river Danube between Krems and Melk which happens to take you through a number of traditional Austrian villages containing spectacular medieval castles.

One typically associates Austria with cold temperatures; however, during the summer months the temperatures can reach high levels. It is more the Alpine regions where there are very low temperatures and regular snowfall.

Properties in Austria are popular with foreign buyers who are winter sports enthusiasts and also investors seeking to rent to holidaymakers. Pricing is not cheap but it is not prohibitively high.

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