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Individuals wishing to take advantage of the world class skiing facilities in the country dominate the Austrian property market and as such there are a number of property developments that cater specifically to this market. There are a number of websites that will be able to assist with the search for ski resort chalets as well as locating properties in the more residential areas such as Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

There are a wide variety of foreign nationals buying property in Austria both for personal enjoyment of the skiing facilities and in order to rent to tourists, with high numbers of German and Italian citizens in particular.

Prices for property in Austria are in the following ranges -

Studio apartment - €110,000
Two bedroom apartment - €130,000
Three bedroom apartment - €150,000
Detached house - €320,000 

The rental market is strong in Austria due to the high numbers of holidaymakers taking advantage of the excellent skiing available. The high winter season runs from late December to mid January, through February and the Easter period. There is medium demand during early to mid December and March and off season runs from the end of Easter to April. The high summer season runs from July to August. If your property is located in a strong tourist area, you should be able to rent the property for approximately 120 days annually and receive between €90 and €150 per day for a one or two bed roomed apartment property with 2-4 people residing.

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