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The United Kingdom encompasses England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, though as Scotland has it's own individual property laws, some of the information provided here will not apply.

England accounts for around two-thirds of the land mass of the mainland Great Britain (England/Scotland/Wales) and in the region of 83% of the UK's total population. England as it is currently, was formed in the tenth century and has evolved to become one of the most politically and culturally influential countries in the world, the English Language being used as the de facto language for international business.

The UK is a very varied place ranging from the busy commercial centres of Manchester and London (amongst others) each with a population of several million, to some of the most beautiful and relaxing countryside imaginable. Being an island, there is also a wealth of coastline and sandy beaches.

In terms of the types of property available, it would be difficult to imagine a greater variety - from self-contained appartments in the busy city-centres to vast stately homes and castles dating back hundreds of years.

As with many other countries in recent years the UK has changed greatly and is very much a multicultural group of region, particularly the larger cities and surrounding areas. One benefit of this is the great variety of cuisine available in almost all but the most remote locations.

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