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The pricing of property in the UK varies considerably region by region, however, traditionally properties in the south east of England sell for the highest values. The top three areas for the average value of property sales at this time are as follows:

Windsor and Maidenhead - 350,000
Surrey - 330,000
Greater London - 317,000

The above average prices are substantially higher than the English national average of 199,000.

In terms of property hotspots in the UK, there are small areas that fluctuate based on local factors determining property price rises. The areas where one could potentially make the best returns are often small towns where the average price is already on the low side. This is illustrated by the following statistic detailing the three areas where growth in property prices has been steepest in the second quarter of this year:

Merthyr Tydfil - 105,500 (up 28%)
Hartlepool - 104,000 (up 27%)
North East Lincolnshire - 115,000 (up 17%)

If you aim to invest in the UK property market with a view to renovating property and selling quickly, you will likely wish to target areas that currently have a buoyant market with large volumes of property being sold quickly. The three regions in the UK where there were the most number of property sales in the second quarter of 2006 were as follows:

Greater London - 33262
Greater Manchester - 12172
West Yorkshire - 11463

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